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Empowerment Coach & Marketing Manager

"Working with Becky was the catalyst for walking a more aligned path of freedom. She introduced me to Human Design and a year later, after several career level-ups, I left my job to pursue my own thing and I haven’t looked back! I have transformed my mindset through transmuting a lot of pain held within my body. I know how to relate to myself authentically, and my choices are informed to keep that connection flowing with myself.  I feel more open and able to speak my truth.

All I have is gratitude to the universe that I caught a vibe that led me to Becky. It’s been life-changing."


Spiral Practitioner

"What I have loved most is seeing how external reality visibly shifted with my internal changes - as Becky says “there are no coincidences, everything is divinely orchestrated to bring you closer to your truth”
- in recognising this, I feel myself in harmony with everything around me so much more.

I have definitely found my power, I see where I hold myself back, I am learning more each day! I understand my emotions a lot more, and now recognise when I am out of alignment. I am able to centre and ground myself which helps me to express  what I really feel.


You’ve done something I didn't even know I needed - you led me home... to myself.  Becky, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"


Quantum Touch Practitioner

“Ayahuasca journeys did not bring about the same level of healing as what I went through during eight weeks with Becky.  Before I started I couldn't consciously remember certain things from the past, in our sessions, I was able to access lost memories. Things I thought were insignificant that had actually influenced my life in a big way. Crazy. Every week was unique and incredible. Becky had the ability to put me at ease and encourage me to dig deeper. She holds the energy of love and speaks with so much wisdom. I had an intense ride and loved every minute of it. 


Choosing Becky to guide me was the best investment I have ever made. Before, I was feeling a little depressed, stuck and lost. Even after the first week I felt a shift. Now I am inspired, aligned and things are moving quickly in the right direction."

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Author & TV Spokesperson

"I feel like every step I'm taking is bringing me closer and closer towards something magical. I've embraced parts of myself I didn't know were there. Becky helped me to reconnect with my inner child and in doing so, I'm now creative in areas I never thought possible. I'm publishing my book on my Patreon account... as I reconnect with all the writing I did as a young girl. I now dance without giving a flying fuck... I've discovered an emotional freedom that is liberating me in ways I never dreamed were possible.

I am eternally grateful and inspired to live a purpose-led life, thanks to Becky and her transformational work. Beyond this, i'm grateful for her unconditional support and friendship during a very difficult time in my life."

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NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner

"What i've loved most about working with Becky is the breakthroughs. Understanding aspects such as why I had to achieve certain qualifications to prove my worth. I no longer believe this and feel free to pursue what I really want to do in life. I’ve tapped back into true inner happiness.  I’m working on letting go of other peoples judgements and I’m going after my dreams, letting go of the limiting beliefs that I now know are not mine. I’ve let go of the sob story I was caught up in, and instead using my story to empower and drive me forward. 


I know I would still be stuck in a rut if it wasn’t for this work with Becky. I feel lighter and clearer having dealt with some deep rooted stuff and come to certain realisations. Certain phrases from Becky have really stuck with me and I will always refer back to them."


Self Sabotage Coach

"This emotional clearing process is blowing my mind. I firmly believe I came across this modality for a reason, it was there when I needed it the most. I am noticing changes in my everyday life. I'm saying the things I've wanted to say for so many years. Being comfortable in our own skin is all anyone craves, and I feel strongly that this work gives people the space to be able to achieve this!  

The results have been amazing. I've loved it!  That moment when the penny drops and something just makes complete and utter sense. That moment when you realise that all the integration work is paying off.  That moment when you just do the thing without questioning it a million times.  That moment when you realise that your confidence has sky rocketed. Magic moments. Thank you Becky Louise."

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Recruitment Consultant

"I had some huge breakthrough moments which I will always be grateful for and the embodiment practices have been life changing. What I loved most was breaking down my main triggers every week and unpacking them, seeing the root causes. I generally do a lot of self reflection but seeing them from a different viewpoint and unpacking them with someone else is something I haven’t done before. I loved the fact that every week was so aligned with stuff that was coming up for me.

My biggest realisation? Seeing all the stories I attach to myself… and that is all they are, stories. I have got a clearer picture on what doesn’t align with me (mainly my work) and getting an exit plan together on how to take action on this. I honestly thank you so much for everything, I loved doing the sessions with you."


Founder of Luxury Vault

"Becky has a natural ability to hold space and does it in a way that feels safe to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, knowing that you will be listened to but most importantly, you will be questioned on the beliefs you continuously subscribe to, but do not serve you.  I run a growing business that has taken up most of my life for the past 5 years and I see how I have used my work as a way to avoid myself.


Becky didn't allow me to hide behind ‘I’m too busy with work, I can’t give myself any time right now’. Every week I surprised myself, I stayed devotional to this work and it's transformed everything. I have a deeper connection to life, and i've opened in many new ways that I didn’t think were possible without psychedelics."

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Project Coordinator

"I now feel I have a deeper understanding on who I am, who I've been and see the world with a different perspective. A perspective in which everything I thought I knew has been stripped back. I’m starting a whole new chapter of life. I’ve been handed a whole new skill set and tools from Becky. I had about a million breakthroughs within the first few sessions!  Connecting with someone who really understands where you’re coming from and holds a safe space for you to be yourself – you can’t put a price on that shit, that’s rare!

I knew this process was going to be life changing. I’ve loved working with Becks, she’s phenomenal in how she articulates herself. The commitment I could feel coming from her, she was there to support me through the highs and lows in every session. I’ll be eternally grateful to Becky. I’ve shared a truly amazing eye-opening experience with her."

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Intimate 1:1 emotional clearing, support, and guidance. Our private sessions will be tailored to your

specific journey, and we will always focus on a topic that will be the most relevant and impactful for YOU.

My work is NOT prescriptive and, while I have very strong strategies we can work to, I NEVER work from script.

If there's something in particular that's challenging you, we can talk about it! 



To set you up for success, you will receive weekly resources, journal prompts, and embodiment work custom-tailored to exactly where you are in your journey. These tools are designed to help guide you, challenge you, open your mind to new possibilities and realities. These exercises help you commit to your own inner-voyage, ground yourself and up-level in astronomical ways!



As you embark on this inner voyage, you may find that you have a question or want to share a win outside of our scheduled sessions. No problem! I love to offer my clients bonus text and email support, this

is where unexpected breakthroughs can happen. I usually respond within 24 hours if I can, so you have ongoing support throughout the week as well.

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