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Leopard Transparent
Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. 

Carl Jung


The Spiral is a powerful process of accelerated evolution. It systematically takes you through an emotional clearing process that opens up the different power levels (chakras) within your body and activates and amplifies the energy of the chakras. This in-depth work supports you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, helping to clear any unconscious emotional baggage standing in the way of the life you really want to live. The Spiral is a registered therapeutic and spiritual technology that combines kinesiology, NLP, Spiral Dynamics, the chakra system, traditional Chinese medicine AND my spidey senses... bringing it all together for the ultimate catalyst for transformation...


What does this look like?

Leopard Transparent



I'll help you to tap into your truth about life right now, we'll look at your highest values and discuss what your ideal future looks and feels like. You'll then set a clear intention with what you'd love to get out of your spiral journey. We work through a spiral level once a week. The sessions are online through Zoom. You'll be given personalised integration work to focus on afterwards.



Week 1 - Soul clarity & intention setting

Week 2 - Deserving/Worth/Survival 

Week 3 - Creativity/Belonging/Feelings 

Week 4 - Fire/Power/Boundaries 

Week 5 - Openness/Love/Organisation 

Week 6 - Expression/Leadership

Week 7 -  Intuition/Perception/Truth 

Week 8 - Purpose/Spirituality/Higher-self 

Week 9 - Manifestation Clearing

Week 10 - Soul Blueprint/Integration



Once you've made your way through the Spiral process you'll be taken through a manifestation session which clears the downward spiral of energy in the chakra system and helps you to plant strong seeds of intention. You'll receive a soul signature reading which dives into your Human Design / the Gene Keys - and we'll discuss a 90 day action plan that aligns with your design. 

Dive deep into all that stands in the way of your true potential

Clear through ancestral trauma held in your body and heal your core inner child wounds. Week by week i'll take you on a journey through the chakra system and we'll get to the core of your major triggers so you can alchemise negative charge and break life-long habit patterns. We'll explore 22 key emotions such as shame, guilt, fear and paralysed will so you can open up to new levels of confidence and express the truth in your heart. You will form a a much deeper sense of soul connection with your self, with your life, with everyone else.


Stop abandoning yourself, your gifts... and start living with soul


The beliefs, patterns and behaviours that we are aware of are easy to change, those sitting in your unconscious are the ones you need to explore on a deeper level. This is where you meet your shadow self, in the darkness. The dirt that lies beneath. We pull out the energetic weeds wrapped around your heart, restricting your unique essence. We move through any sticky, tricky layers of resistance and reveal more of who you really are. The Spiral enables you to rewrite your story by clearing the emotions that keep unwanted realities playing like a broken record. Using resources provided to you, you'll start to cultivate a daily devotional practice that will help to open you heart and focus your mind on the present moment. All tools provided are aligned to your unique soul signature and work specifically for you.


Create fertile grounds for a life ruled by peace, authenticity, creativity and joy

Enjoy accelerated growth through a gentle, slow, patient and present approach. Learn to nourish and honour your most basic needs as a human being. Feel everything from a more neutral, loving perspective.


It's time to love yourself in ways you've never experienced before


After Spiral, it’s not unusual for people to have breakthroughs they’ve spent their whole life waiting for. I've witnessed transformation with deep rooted problems such as body issues, sexuality and relationship patterns. Miracles

have happened in this transformational container. The process is highly effective at clearing through heavy energetic blocks that get in the way of creating the type of life you deeply desire. Time and time again, clients tell me they’ve been fast-tracked to new levels of being they couldn't imagine before they started Spiral.

Make space for the new and embrace your greatness!

Leopard Transparent


Leopard Transparent



8 x weekly 1:1 clearing sessions through the Spiral

Day to day mentorship via private messaging channel

Week to week integration resources and other tools


1 x Soul Clarity clearing session

1 x Manifestation clearing session

1 x Soul Blueprint Reading

Written blueprint report

90 day action plan and celebratory wrap up!

Investment: $3800 

*price in USD. Payment plans available.

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